Over time, foam deteriorates; so when recovering your furniture it is a good idea to replace your old foam. Sitting low or bottoming out in furniture is often falsely blamed on the springs underneath, however, 90 percent of the time it is because of worn out foam. The condition of your cushions dictates how comfortable your furniture will be. After all, this is where a certain portion of your body, which shall not be named here, spends all of its contact time. In addition, new foam fills out the cushion cover better than used flattened foam making a tighter, more visually pleasing fit.
Whereas most manufacturers of new furniture offer only one type of cushion foam in their products (usually inexpensive or average quality), we offer a wide selection of foam for your furniture. You can choose from ultra soft to ultra firm and heights ranging from 2 to 7 inches. Besides the height or "thickness" of the foam, two major factors involved in choosing foam that will produce the look and feel you desire are firmness and density.


This is a measurement of Indentation Load Deflection or I.L.D. This measurement represents how much weight it takes to compress foam a certain amount. The firmness of a piece of foam normally ranges between 10 to 100. The higher the number the firmer the foam.


Density is the weight of a cubic foot of foam. Density is probably the most useful measurement of foam quality. High-density foam is more comfortable, won't bottom out as quickly and holds its shape longer than lighter foam. The heavier the better.
The thicker the foam is, the firmer a particular type of foam will feel. For example, where 2" foam at 65 ILD will feel perfectly comfortable, 5" foam at the same ILD will feel like you are sitting on a board. We like to follow a general rule of thumb in deciding what firmness of foam to use in a given situation.

Seat cushions:

2" foam-------65 ILD
3" foam-------40 ILD
4" foam ------34 ILD
5" foam-------30-34 ILD
6" foam-------26-30 ILD
7" foam-------20-26 ILD

Back cushions:

1"foam-------30 ILD
2" foam-------25-30 ILD
3" foam-------20-25 ILD
4" foam-------20 ILD

These figures are only approximations. Medical conditions and accessibility issues, as well as personal taste can also influence your choices.
In addition to the many types of firmness and densities, there are other specialty foams such as for hospitals/ healthcare, marine applications and aviation. We also offer foams that meet certain flammability codes.
Confused? And you thought foam was foam. Right? Understandably, this is a lot to absorb, but don't let it weigh too heavy on your mind. Our knowledgeable staff can help point you in the right direction so you can make a selection that is right for you.






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